What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Do you find yourself experiencing tooth sensitivity regularly? It is not uncommon to feel slight discomfort from time to time if you bite into a cold ice cream. However, if you notice that you feel discomfort each time you eat something hot or cold or when you brush your teeth, you may be experiencing a problem with your oral health. Tooth sensitivity is one of the warnings your teeth give off to alert you that something isn’t right with your oral health. We want to share what can cause tooth sensitivity:

Continuing Education Opportunity On The Fotona Lightwalker Laser

At Smiles By Holsinger & Higgins, we are always looking for ways to improve the treatment and care we provide to our patients. One way we do this is by attending continuing education courses to learn about new technology and treatments that can reduce discomfort and shorten treatment time. We recently had the opportunity to attend a course to learn more about the Fotona Lightwalker Laser. This course was taught by Dr. Pohlhaus, a Baltimore dentist who specializes in using laser treatments in dentistry.

Introducing CARE Esthetics: Learn How You Can Benefit

As another year is upon us, many people choose this time to reflect on different aspects of their lives. For people who are self-conscious or unhappy with their appearance, luckily, we live in a time where there are a multitude of treatment options that can change any aspect of the face. Whether you want to improve wrinkles, smooth out sunken lines, or reverse sun damage, the treatment options are plentiful.

Don’t Let TMD Affect Your Holiday Celebrations

We know that this time of year is hectic. Holiday celebrations, festivities, time with family, and more can make this time of year overwhelming. The added stress can lead to complications if you suffer from TMD. If you are unfamiliar, TMD refers to temporomandibular joint disorder. The temporomandibular joint, also known as the TMJ, is responsible for opening and closing the jaw. We would hate for discomfort in your jaw and facial muscles to put a damper on your holiday celebrations

Thinking About Botox?

Do you look in the mirror and become frustrated with what you see? If you are looking to improve your appearance, now is the perfect time, with the holidays and new year around the corner. Aside from cosmetic dentistry treatments that can improve any aesthetic imperfections in your teeth, we are happy to offer our patients Botox. These treatments are used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Read on to learn more about this popular treatment.

Can Problematic Teeth Affect Your Overall Health?

At Smiles By Holsinger & Higgins, one of our goals is to help our patients improve their oral health. Not only can problematic teeth affect your oral health, but they can also lead to complications with your overall health. We highly encourage our patients to visit our office for routine hygiene examinations and cleaning appointments because we are thorough in checking for any signs of decay, gum disease, or other problems. It can be difficult to spot problems with the naked eye, but using X-rays and our dental knowledge, we are easily able to find problems with your teeth and gums. Once we diagnose a problem, we recommend that patients schedule their treatment appointments as soon as possible.

5 Ways Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

If you or a loved one has experienced tooth loss, it is important to choose a tooth replacement option as soon as possible. Living with an open space in your mouth is not ideal and can lead to serious oral health complications in the near future. We work with our patients to select an option that will benefit their lifestyle and goals for their oral health. One treatment that is especially popular with our patients is dental implants. We want to share 5 benefits of dental implants and how they can change your life. Read on to learn more.

A Way We Can Save Your Tooth

At Smiles by Holsinger & Higgins, we do all we can to save your natural teeth. You will only have one set of adult teeth in your lifetime. We know that anything can happen, and thankfully, we have the know-how and technology to treat any problems, but we love it when patients can keep their natural teeth. When patients experience severe decay or mouth trauma, we may suggest a root canal. Over the years, this treatment has gotten a bad reputation. Patients often fear this common treatment when they simply don’t understand the process.