Unexplained Jaw Pain? If you experience jaw pain or have noticed that your jaw cracks or pops when you speak, chew, or yawn, that may be an indication that you have temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. The pain from TMD can be chronic and even debilitating.

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Stop Jaw Pain in its Tracks

Causes of TMD vary from teeth grinding and orthodontic problems to arthritis of the temporomandibular joint and trauma such as whiplash. Regardless of the cause, Smiles by Holsinger & Higgins can help. Here are just some of the treatments we offer to help you find the relief that you’ve been desperate for:


Stretching exercises to relax the jaw muscles.


Orthodontics, enamel reshaping, or crowns to correct alignment.


An orthotic splint to properly position your jaw.


A night guard to prevent clenching and grinding.

Laser Therapy for TMD

Ease discomfort, pain, inflammation, and swelling in the jaw and surrounding muscles with laser therapy. A process known as photobiomodulation uses a cold laser to increase circulation and reduce inflammation, thereby decreasing pain associated with TMJ disorders. Laser therapy is FDA approved and non-invasive. Patients report almost immediate relief from their pain.

Experience and Quality Should Come First

We’ve spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours training, practicing, and continuing education to ensure that our patients receive outstanding service. We do what is best for our patients, first and foremost. Our positive patient reviews are a testament to our ability to provide quality dental care. Do you really want to sacrifice high-quality care to save money?

You Deserve the Best Quality Dental Care

If cared for properly, your teeth can look beautiful and function just as nature intended. Taking chances with something as important as your teeth is ill-advised, to say the least. Take chances on different paint colors for your house, a new restaurant, or an author you’ve been meaning to read; when it comes to your teeth, however, treat yourself to the dental care you deserve. You work hard and your teeth work hard for you. Take care of yourself and your teeth so that they will last.

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We Know You're Looking for the Perfect Solution to Fit All of Your Dental Care Needs.

Your solution, however, isn’t to find the cheapest options possible. It’s to find a dentist who cares not just about one procedure that brings you into the office, but your overall health.  Whether you’re missing a single tooth or several, implants just might be the prosthetic option that you’re looking for. Ideal candidates will have sufficient jaw bone mass, healthy gums, and good overall health.