nervous man at the dentist

An Action Plan You Might Need

It happens every time you arrive at the dental office for your appointment: Your heart races and you imagine a variety of torturous scenarios. Your dental anxiety strikes again! How do you come to terms with your anxieties? What can we do to make your dental visit more relaxing?

Dental anxiety is fear associated with going to the dentist. The first step to overcoming your dental anxiety is to identify its causes. What happened to make you feel the way you do? Is it a memory of a bad experience from long ago? Maybe your parent, sibling, or friend relayed a traumatic dental experience. Now, their experience replays in your mind, affecting your thoughts.

Talk to us about what you’re feeling. By opening the lines of communication, we can develop a plan of action. We want you to be comfortable. When it’s time to begin treatment, we have several options to make you feel more relaxed based on your level of anxiety.

Relaxation Options

  1. Nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas, helps you relax. The gas is mixed with oxygen. You inhale the nitrous oxide through a mask covering your nose. The inhaled gas reaches the brain to bring you to a state of relaxation. The gas wears off quickly.
  2. NuCalm is a four-step system that is natural and drug-free. Nitrous oxide can be combined with this system. NuCalm uses biochemistry, physics, and neurophysiology to bring you to a deeper state of relaxation. You’ll be able to drive to and from your appointment.
  3. Conscious sedation requires the use of oral medication. Take your medication on the day of your appointment. It provides our deepest level of moderate sedation. You may have little to no memory of your appointment. A driver is required for your appointment.

We want your experience to be as relaxing and anxiety-free as possible. At Smiles by Holsinger and Higgins, we partner with you to meet your oral health care needs. if you’re ready to begin treatment, call our office to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Holsinger and Dr. Higgins