You Too Can Experience Stress-Free Dental Care

Do you know you are overdue for a hygiene examination but are struggling to get the nerve to call our office? Or have we recommended a dental treatment to restore your oral health and you are afraid to receive treatment? If either of these scenarios sounds like you, you most likely suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia. These are very real feelings that can cause patients to avoid the dentist for months, years, and even decades at a time. Dental care is important for your oral health as well as your overall health. We offer a solution to help patients get the dental care they need while keeping them in a relaxed state throughout treatment. Does this sound like something that may benefit you or a loved one? Continue reading to learn more.

Tips to Help You Relax Before A Visit To Our Office

Are you a nervous patient when you visit the dentist? Do you avoid scheduling an appointment or delay needed treatment out of fear? If you experience these feelings, you are not alone. There is a large percentage of dental patients that experience some form of nervousness that ranges from minor nerves to extreme fear. We believe in helping all patients and will help address each patient’s needs and assist everyone to be comfortable when they visit our office.

Are You Afraid of the Dentist?

Does the very thought of going to the dentist send shivers down your spine? You may be suffering from dental anxiety or phobia. This can be caused by a traumatic dental or healthcare experience, or generalized anxiety and phobias. Some people could experience this as a slight nervousness, but for others, a trip to the dentist can be an actual nightmare that prevents them from getting appropriate treatment.

Hear From Patients On How We’ve Helped Them Overcome Their Fear

Do you become anxious or fearful when you think about an upcoming dental appointment? Do you have a friend or loved one who has dental phobia and avoids going to the dentist? We want patients like you to know that if you or someone you know suffers from dental anxiety, there is a solution to help you have a stress-free dental appointment so you can get the dental care you need.