uncover the benefits of our prevention plans

The Benefits of Our Prevention Plans

Dental insurance is great — if it’s available. When it’s not — or when it’s limitations prevent you from receiving the dental care you need — then the Smiles by Holsinger & Higgins “Keep on Smiling Club” Prevention Plans are exactly what the doctor ordered. Here is all the information you need to know that our team truly does have your best interests at heart.

Why We Offer Prevention Plans

Ideally, the preventative care we offer will eliminate the need for involved dental procedures. Despite your best efforts, however, restorative or cosmetic treatments become necessary in order to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. We NEVER want finances to prevent you from receiving quality dental care, which is why we offer the “Keep on Smiling Club” to our patients.

Your Options

We understand that each of our patients have different needs, which is exactly why we offer two distinct plans: the Gold and the Platinum.

  • The Gold Plan: Designed for those who have dental insurance, our Gold Plan is only $129 for new members and $99 for renewing members. While your insurance plan may cover your semi-annual exams and cleanings, our Gold Plan complements your existing insurance by offering 12% off of all other dental procedures.
  • The Platinum Plan: At only $449 per year for new members and $419 for renewing members, this plan works perfectly for those who don’t have dental insurance or require extensive dental work. The benefits include semi-annual exams and cleanings, annual bitewing x-rays and cavity diagnostics, and 12% off of all other dental procedures, including our specialty services.

Take Advantage of Our Plans!

Dental insurance certainly helps when it comes to maintaining your health, but if anything beyond semi-annual cleanings is required, you may find yourself deciding between your teeth or buying your rapidly growing child new uniforms. We don’t want you to sacrifice your well-being for anything — even your child! Our “Keep On Smiling Club” prevention plans are intended to do just that.

Regardless of your insurance circumstances, we’d love to have you onboard as a patient. If you live in or near the Denton, Maryland, area, contact our office today to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to see your smile!