A Few Success Stories We’d Like To Share With You

Everyday we see how dentistry transforms people’s lives. While many patients just come in for their regular cleanings and exams and don’t encounter dental issues, there are patients who have conditions that cause pain or affect how they chew food. Then there are patients who wish they could change the look of their teeth and are embarrassed to smile. We are happy that we are able to use our dental skills and technology to improve their teeth, restore their dental health and boost their confidence. We’d like to introduce you to some of these patients.

How’s Your Jaw?

Painful jaw, face or ears? Difficulty chewing or talking due to your jaw locking up? Did you know that dentists can treat these symptoms which are often associated with a jaw joint disorder known as TMD? In fact, we have treated many patients with this condition who are now pain-free as a result. We thought you’d like to hear directly from them how they found relief and an improved quality of life through their TMD treatments. Watch here:

We Treat You Like Family

It’s not often you hear someone say they enjoy going to the dentist, but that’s exactly what one of our patients has to say about our practice. We’re thrilled about this comment because at Smiles by Hollsinger and Higgins, we go out of our way to provide a caring and comfortable dental experience for our patients. You can hear more great feedback about our practice from our patients and staff in this video.