Watching TV And Oral Health

Do you enjoy watching TV shows on a streaming service? As of late, there seems to be an endless amount of streaming services that you can join as a subscriber. With everyone home during the start of the pandemic two years ago, binge watching shows became a pastime to do with your family while there were no other entertainment options. The same mentality has continued each time the new season of a popular series is released. You might be wondering how this has anything to do with your oral health. Unfortunately, for some, binge watching TV can have negative effects on your oral health.

Are You Sure You’re Brushing Your Teeth The Right Way?

Are you due for a visit to our office? We know that life is busy and it can be easy for time to get away from you. As we get older, it seems like time moves faster than ever. We encourage our patients to visit us at least twice per year for a routine hygiene examination and cleaning. During these visits, we inspect the state of your oral health and make treatment recommendations as needed. One of the best ways to avoid additional treatments is with your oral hygiene routine. We only see our patients for a short amount of time each year, so the bulk of our patients’ oral care lands on their shoulders. Are you using proper oral care routines to ensure your oral health is where it should be? Read on to see.

Did You Forget Something Important?

Did we recommend a dental treatment the last time you visited our office and you have delayed scheduling your appointment? We know that the past few months have been hectic with the holidays and the start of the new year. It seems like life is constantly busy and there is always something new to take up free time whether it be work, school, extra-curricular activities, or social commitments. With the start of the new year, it is important to evaluate your oral health. Delaying needed dental treatments can lead to more severe problems. If you experience dental anxiety or fear, we never want your feelings to hold you back from getting the care you need. Read on to learn about the importance of scheduling your appointments and how we can help if you are nervous.

Ways Your Lifestyle and Eating Habits Can Impact Your Oral Health

Last year, much of our lives were changed drastically. Many jobs became remote positions, or were terminated, schools became virtual, and even our office was closed for some time. This greatly affected the health of many of our patients. Healthy habits such as going to the gym, eating the right foods, and oral health care may have been lacking for those who had a difficult time with the pandemic. Even though our lives are returning to normal, getting back into healthy habits can be difficult. We wanted to stress the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to help ensure that you have healthy teeth and gums.

Important Reasons To Care For Your Teeth As You Age

There is a common misconception that older people typically end up with some form of tooth replacement such as dentures. Thanks to endless images of older adults with gummy smiles, many would believe that to be true. The real truth is that your teeth are designed to last a lifetime. Dental enamel, the outside covering of your teeth, is the strongest substance in your body. If you care for your teeth by maintaining proper oral health, you can live your life with no dental health concerns. Although, as you age, it becomes even more important for you to maintain your hygiene examinations every six months as well as continue to clean your teeth properly. We want to share some oral symptoms that you should be mindful of as you age.