When you have any kind of dental fixture, including braces and bridges, it’s important to be especially vigilant about removing plaque. Both braces and bridges can trap large amounts of food particles that are difficult to remove with regular dental floss and a toothbrush. With superfloss and floss threaders, however, it’s easy to remove plaque and food debris from hard-to-reach places.

remove plaque from braces
Remove plaque from braces
Floss threader
Floss threader


Superfloss comes in pre-cut segments; the ends are thin and stiff, enabling you to threat the floss through tight areas, and the center is thick and almost fuzzy in appearance, helping you to thoroughly remove plaque, bacteria, and food debris.

Floss Threaders

Floss threaders function much like a needle, only they are thin and pliable. Simply thread your favorite type of dental floss through the “eye” of your floss threader, then insert the straight end beneath your dental fixture and pull until the floss is between your teeth. Repeat until you have flossed between each and every tooth.

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Your solution, however, isn’t to find the cheapest options possible. It’s to find a dentist who cares not just about one procedure that brings you into the office, but your overall health.  Whether you’re missing a single tooth or several, implants just might be the prosthetic option that you’re looking for. Ideal candidates will have sufficient jaw bone mass, healthy gums, and good overall health.