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Before & After Gallery


This patient had cavities in his front teeth and was embarrassed with his smile. In one sedation visit all of his cavities were taken care of with fillings. What a difference one day can make!


This patient had a history of illness that aided in the breakdown of his teeth.

Because of his back pain and the amount of work that needed to be done we restored his teeth in two sedation visits with a cleaning, root canals and fillings.

The next phase will be implants and crowns to help him chew better and have a smile he can be proud of.

When this patient told us how happy he was, he mentioned that he was told from a prior office that "only an act of God" could help him.


This patient had an attractive well fitting upper denture, but was having pain with her lower teeth. She could no longer wear her lower partial denture.

We did fillings to restore her lower front teeth and a CEREC all porcelain crown -- all in one sedation appointment. We also made a comfortable lower partial implant for her.


This patient did not like the spacing between her front teeth. In one visit we bonded her front four teeth to give her a beautiful natural smile.


This patient was a woman in her thirties who worked with the public on a regular basis. She needed a smile that she could be proud of.  In one visit we restored her front teeth with tooth colored fillings. 


Black triangles come about for a number of reasons, such as bone loss, gum disease, recession of the gum line or movement in the teeth. Black triangles make a person look older and cause a problem with food getting caught in between teeth.

Enjoy a healthier looking smile with this special bonding procedure.


This patient did not like the shape, angulation and chipping of her four front teeth. In two visits she had her new smile. She had four lumineers placed and bonding on her eye teeth to balance her smile.       


With a high acid diet and vigorous tooth brushing this patient removed almost all of the enamel from her top front teeth.  A whiter, fuller, brighter smile was hers in just two visits.


Mini Implant

This patient had this denture for about 10 years. The lower teeth were sore, infected and loose. She wanted a brighter, whiter smile and a lower denture that would be pain free and stable.

We extracted the lower teeth and repaired her old denture so that she could wear it while she healed.

We placed four mini implants. Normally we can go forward immediately with a new denture, but because the bone wasn’t strong enough, we needed to wait three months.

Now the patient has a fresher younger smile and a lower plate that snaps into place that is stable and pain free.


Patient H was a patient of ours many years ago. She moved away and was seeing another dentist that kept on referring her to specialists and she felt frustrated that no one was in control of her care and that things were getting worse and not better. She remembered that we did “everything” here and referred to specialist only when necessary.

The first phase was taking care of all of the cavities and treating the abscessed teeth. This phase also included treating the gum disease. After phase one there were no cavities, painful teeth, or gum infection. Phase one took five visits. If we had used sedation it could have only taken two visits.

The second phase was straightening her teeth with Six Month Smiles®. Her orthodontics took eight months (eight monthly visits).